1. How is theCondodivided?
Condominio Laguna Azul has a total area of 100 hectares, divided into two highly defined zones: ZONA ALTA and LAS LAGUNAS, we offer homes for sale in both.
ZONA ALTA: characterized by wide lots that consists of leafy groves and houses of exclusive design. Itisdividedinto 6 villas: Las Palmeras, Las Tinajas, Los Carretones, Selva Virgen, La Pascana, Bella Vista and Equipamiento Terciario.
ZONA DE LAS LAGUNAS: characterized by two beautiful lagoons and diverse forests that have a lush variety of flora and fauna. It is divided into 9 villas: Las Sardinas, Tucunaré, Pejerrey, Dorado, Pacú, Sábalo, Surubí, Tilapia and Marina.

2. What services does theCondo offer?
The Condo offers: drinking water, electricity, wireless internet, high speed internet, cable TV, 24-hour private security,maintenance of parkland, soccer field, pool, nautical recreations (swimming, canoeing, kayaking, fishing), playgrounds and a social area (Cabaña Chiquitana: a rustic cottage of great magnitude, with a capacity of 300 people, designed for social events)

3.¿Does the Condo have social or recreation areas?
Yes, its current enabled areas are as follow:
Six acres of crystal clear water that are formed by lagoons Aventura and Encantada, in which you can practice recreational water sports such as: rowing, fishing, diving, kayaking, among others.
Soccer field.
Exclusive designedswimming pools with a water bar.
Defined paths enabled for walks, preservation of ecological parks and playground areas.
Exotic islands connected with wood bridges. The Cabaña Chiquitana of 350 m² is in one of the islands, for the exclusive use of residents and their visitors, fully equipped with tables, chairs, rustic living for meeting room, barbeque, pool table, sound system, overhead projector, karaoke and parking areas.

4. ¿How does the security of the Condo works?
Security is a matter of utmost importance for Condominio Laguna Azul, to strengthen peace and good-neighborliness of the co-owners. There is 24-hour monitoring and fully qualified staff, equipped with the necessary tools to do a good job.

5. ¿What types of animals are accepted in the Condo?
The Condo accepts the breeding of domestic animals such as dogs, cats, monkeys, among others. The owner undertakes to be solely responsible for any incident, accident, attack, etc. that may cause their animals. The owners must submit to the Administration of the Condo anupdated veterinary certificate with all relevant vaccines.

6. ¿Who manages the Condo?
The Condo is initially administered by the developers of the project through the recruitment of a person or entity designated by the Board, then the joint owners will form a new Board of Directors to ratify or hire a new Administrator that meets the requirements that they see appropriate for the care and good functioning of the Condo and common areas.

7. ¿Is there a monthly payment of maintenance for the common areas?
Yes, the monthly fee is designated by the Administration of the Condo.

8. ¿Do you sell only lots, or also lots with residences?
Condominio Laguna Azul sells lots without constructions and also offers lots with residences of unique design.

9. ¿When can I make a visit to the Condo?
Condominio Laguna Azul with all its staff is pleased to receive interested clients from 9: 00 a.m. to 18: 00 p.m. from Monday to Sunday or you can make an appointment with a Sales Agent by calling: + (591-3) 3840101, +(591)75015822, +(591)75023460 or by writing to


10. ¿Do all lots have view to the lagoons?
In the lagoonsarea, a large percentage of the lots overlook the lagoons and have their own private beach, the other percentage is in front of lush green parks and green areas.

11. ¿What is the surface of the lots?
The lots that we offer range from 240 m² to 1,500 m² approximately. Prices vary according to the area and the location of the lot.

12. ¿What are the prices of the lots, or the price per m²?
The lots are sold by different characteristics of the lots and not by m². Prices vary according to location and according to the characteristics. For more information on prices please contact the Sales staff.

13. ¿What are the requirements to reserve or start the process of buying on credit or cash payment?
PURCHASE BY CREDIT: ID photocopy of both spouses if married, down payment agreed between parties, sign the "Contract of purchase and sale with reservation of ownership", sign the Payment Plan, sign the Client Agreement, and having the clear understanding of the Co-ownership Regulation and CondominiumAdministration.
PURCHASE BYCASH PAYMENT: ID photocopyof both spouses if they are married, total payment of the lot’s price, sign the Final Transfer, sign the Client Agreement, and having the clear understanding of the Co-ownership Regulation and Condominium Administration

14. ¿Can I buy only the lot first and then build aresidence?
Yes, you can build aresidencewhen you considerit appropriate.

15. ¿When do you transfer the lot on behalf of the buyer?
The transfer of the lot is done when the 100% of the sale price has been paid, however, the construction can begin from the moment you sign the "Contract of purchase with reservation of ownership" or when you give the initial percentage fee (in case of purchase by credit).

16. ¿How does Condominio Laguna Azul finance the purchase ofa property?

There are two ways of financing:
a) Direct financing (seller-buyer): exclusively for lots, the requirements are only your ID and a minimum down payment of 10% of the price of the lot, to a period not longer than 60 months (5 years), at a rate of interest of 9.99% per cent per year.
b) Financing by the bank of your choice: for lots and residences or any construction project.

Bank financing example:BANCO MERCANTIL SANTA CRUZ

Requirements for dependents workers
1. Credit application (Properly completed and signed).
2. Photocopy of ID (both sides) plus spouse`s ID.
3. Photocopy of home phone bill (of the last 3 months).
4. Photocopy of work payment. (Also the work payment of the spouse, if considered as an income in the assessment of the application).
5. Certificate of employment (indicating the time of work).
6. Bank statements

Requirements for independent workers
1. Credit application (Properly completed and signed).
2. Photocopy of ID (both sides) plus spouse`s ID.
3. Photocopy of home phone bill (of the last 3 months).
4. Business income:
4.1. Last year cash flow
4.2. IVA/IT: FORM. 156/143 (last 6 months)
4.3. A photocopy of NIT (minimum 2 years of vigency)
4.4. Bank statements


17. ¿If I only the buylot, can I build the residence according to my taste?
Yes, there is complete freedom to make the residence you would like, or make adjustments and modifications, respecting the "Regulation of co-ownership and Administration of the Condominium" and the regulation of "Municipality of La Guardia" regarding the constructive part.

18. ¿What is the price of the residences?
For more information about the prices of the residences please get in touch with our Sales Agents, by calling: + (591-3) 3840101, +(591)75015822, +(591)75023460 or by writing to

19. ¿How does the financing work with financial institutions?
You can access financing with financial institutions, to pay the down payment of 20% or 30% of the price of the property; the remaining balance can be funded within a period from 10 years, 15 years, 25 years, which gives you a monthly fee, it will be variable according to the financial institution of your choice.

20. ¿Do you work with any bank or financial institution in particular for the financing of the residences?
Condominio Laguna Azulis backed by major financial institutions, which ensures easy access to credit lines offered. We recommend:
Banco de Crédito BCP- Creditofficer: María Silvia Justiniano Tel.: +(591-3) 3386000 Int.3414, Sucursal: Central, Calle 24 de Septiembre N°158.
Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz - Credit officer: Julio Álvarez Telf.: +(591-3) 3633330 Sucursal: Doble Vía La Guardia esquina calle Las Palmas.
Banco Ganadero - Credit officer: Jorge Suárez Telf.: +(591-3) 3173232 Sucursal: Av. Roca y Coronado N°9, 2do anillo.
Mutual La Primera - Credit officer: Benjamín Copa Telf.: +(591-3) 3353344 – 3348780 Sucursal: Calle Bolívar N°281 (Casco Viejo).

21. ¿Are you in charge of the paperwork for the credit with financial institutions?
The person concerned must do the paperwork for the process of the credit, Condominio Laguna Azul provides helpful advice throughout this process until the approval and payment of the credit is done.

22. ¿Can you modify the model of the residence that I choose for a lot of greater surface area?
Yes, we can do the modifications that the client sees convenient, but this also means an increase in the cost of the residence.

23. ¿Can I change the materials or some details of the residence I choose?
You can choose the materials of the residence based on a variety of options, or choose to change some details; this must be requested in a timely manner, and considering the terms of the construction contract for these cases; costs may vary and also the progress of the construction.

24. ¿When is the residence handed over to the client?
If you choose a residence that is already built, we immediately hand it over once the client has paid its completevalue; otherwise we are able to build and hand over the residence of your choice within the time agreed at the contract.

25. ¿Do you have residences for immediate hand over?
Yes, to know the availability of the residences please get in touch with our Sales Agents, by calling: + (591-3) 3840101, +(591)75015822, +(591)75023460 or by writing to